Attract from Abundance with my Triple AAA-cycle

This week I'm helping you to create more abundance in your work & business.
Ever since I embraced the concept of abundance, I was able to open up my business to what I really wanted.

Most people fail because they're brought up with a ‘scarcity' mindset.

You might have heard things like, or believe things like:

“Do not let others steal your ideas”
“If you've earned money, don't spend it”
“Rich people are bad
“Don't give away too much value for free

Once you listen to this, you will fail, because you will always play the mediocre game.

Attracting from abundance will help you create more of what you wantAnd maybe you're thinking;

yes, I've heard Deepak Chopra mention this, or I've heard some other gurus say this, but I don't want to be the fool who gives everything away for free and ends up broke.

I totally get that,

so that's why I created the: Triple AAA-bundance cycle

How does it work?

Just follow these 3 steps:

One of my clients decided 2 weeks ago she wanted to sell a shelved course she had lying around. She sold 5 in 1 week.


By promoting this in her newsletter, posting about it on social media & to start having the conversations with friends.
And also by following my sales page workshop in my Big Business Mastermind.

She single handedly experienced that once you put yourself out there, you will attract much more and you are just 1/3 step away from mastering the AAA-method.

Start by believing that abundance is possible for your business.

Focus on what you have, rather than what you lack, and approach challenges with a growth mindset.

This means seeing obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than as roadblocks. This week I re-read the book ‘The obstacle is the way‘ from Ryan Holiday and it tells you exactly how to do it.

So how to practice abundance?

1. Create a morning routine where you write down what you're grateful for that day. Here's more information on how you can work on this.

2. Do a 5-10 minute meditation and this takes practice, I recently purchased the Gabby Bernstein membership to motivate myself to do the practice daily (and it takes 21 days to create a habit).
3. Visualize the life you desire and this can be so much fun to do it together! There's going to be a new round of the 2-day online workshop, Big Business Big Life and you can join the group.

I am not for the Lucky Girl Syndrome, which generally means that you're being so positive it becomes toxic.
It's very okay to make room for some negativity in your life every once in a while.

But you can also let the negativity control your work and business so that it takes over.

I believe in creating positive affirmations, but not without a plan for action.
Because just saying: “Everything is always working out for me” is not going to do the trick.

Going back to step 1, where my client was determined to take action.
Because you take action, you attract and because you have an abundance mindset, you attract even more and because you take action, you create more of what you want.
JLo is a firm believer of positive thinking & taking action towards that.Best of luck playing around with this and reply to this email if you'd like more support in this.

In this week's podcastI'm helping you plan for and create you ideal workation.

My clients and instagram followers say me going on workation in Berlin and asked me how I prepared for it and what did I do, so I'm sharing my exact work schedule (and fun schedule) + things I would do differently the next time and what works for you.

The client question this week is coming from someone who doubts between calling herself a coach or a consultant, you'll hear my answer in this episode.

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Happening in my business this week:

1. This week I was hosting one of my favorite conferences, the Museumnext Green Museums Summit.
It's one of my favorite clients whom I still enjoy working for / with, do check out their upcoming conferences on their website.

My main take away after hearing and interviewing all the speakers, is that we can only mobilize a large group of people from a positive outlook: what can YOU do, instead of what we've done wrong collectively for the past 150 years.

Me in my home studio​

2. I hit 3000 followers on LinkedIn and as a thank you I offered a profile review for those who comment ‘review' below my post.

I've been posting daily on LinkedIn since August and it has brought me loads of new clients and new friends. Have you considered there's a huge opportunity for your work or business on LinkedIn, only 1% of the users is an active creator, whilst there's so many lurkers.

If you want me to review your profile, comment ‘review' through here.​3. Next week, I'm hosting another Nine Lives Masterclass on Tuesday April 4th at 6PM. In Nine Lives I'm showing you how you can craft your career with my Nine Lives method, which I created especially for you.

The first responses were:
“Really great first steps for my next career move”
“I really feel like working again, even though I'm recovering from my burn-out
“I loved seeing what others have done with their careers and that it's never too late to change your path”
“I finally saw the value in saying out loud what I desired”

Missed the first masterclass? Hop-in on the next one!

Have a great Thursday and see you next week!


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