#10. 10 steps to successfully pivot your business!

Business with Sarah

PIVOOOOOOT! I know you can hear Ross yelling this well-known phrase in your head. And although his staircase endeavor wasn’t very successful, he was on to something.  Pivoting is essential in life. Because let’s be honest: nothing ever goes as planned. Your business is no exception to that rule. I think the last couple of […]

#9. How to nail your mails: 3 tips for success!

Nail your mails

Have you checked your mailing list lately? It’s simultaneously our biggest asset… and largest pain in the neck, right? Sending out the most fitting Emails at the right time can be the single best thing you can do for your business. It’s a perfect way to engage, share value and add some good money to […]

#8. Perfectionism Pact: How to beat it in just 3 steps!


Around this time last year, I hosted my housewarming party. Everything was perfect… Or was it? Suddenly I noticed the bookcase that was missing, the not so new couch and the lack of seamless color schemes everywhere. I always thought I was no perfectionist because my decisiveness was something everybody loved about me. Boy was […]

#7. Create your dream business successfully with these 6 pillars

6 pillars to success

Being a business owner is wonderful. You can create your own freedom, your own life. But… it costs a lot of time and energy to get to that point. And you know what? It’s totally fine to not be happy with where you are at the moment. Why? Because you can always change your direction. […]

#6. How to become Captain of Industry

Become Captain of business

Why is it that other business owners always get asked for certain projects? Why is that coach always fully booked? You know that feeling of jealousy? It’s not a bad thing, it just means you have competition and you should define your own success. How, you ask? Let me explain! You need a strong personal […]

#4. Tap into your network in just 3 small steps!

Can we agree to not underestimate our value? And today, I’m telling you exactly where to start! Drumroll, please… Your network is your net worth. We’re talking about cold and hot leads, ladies and gentlemen. Check out all of your social networks That’s right, all of them: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, …. Scroll down that […]

#5. How to have fun writing your Business Plan

No business plan yet? No worries, I can help you write it while having fun. To answer the question that’s brewing in your mind: Yes, I think a business plan is necessary. In the long run it will be more difficult without a plan, even when everything is working now. It’s still your business, you […]

5 Questions to Get that Business Mindset

Business Mindset

Your Business Mindset is key to the start of the new year. So there’s no time like the present to take a look back at what was and defining your next steps for 2022. We’ve already established what kind of leader you want to be (did you miss the memo? No worries. You can find […]

5 steps to make your quality offer

Your business is running smoothly but you are interested in trying out something new. But where do you begin? With these simple 5 steps you can take the first step into rethinking your offer and find an offer that suits you and your favorite clients. Recently, at my housewarming, I was speaking to a friend […]