#21 What your business needs besides you – Hire your first team member

You are fully booked, want to delegate some work and you need outside experience. I’ve been an interim team manager before and it’s such a different approach to be hiring your first team member in your business. You probably recognise this, if you’ve worked for an employer. Every business is different so I can’t really […]

How to make your business professionally personal

Imagine this: You’ve worked your ass off all year and then life happens. Something doesn’t go as planned and your whole to do-list comes crumbling down. Will you recover personally? Is your business strong enough for this setback? Of course it is! Why? Because you’ve got your bases covered. More than 10 years of experience […]

How to broaden your network in 3 steps


One more time for the people in the back: your network is the heart of your business! Can you grow your business without it? Of course! Will it take you a lot longer without the right people having your back? Definitely! I’ve been building brands from scratch for over 10 years now and the most […]

How to be your most productive self in just 3 steps!

The beautiful world of productivity. It could be such an amazing journey where you can check off every to do at the end of your day. But let’s be honest, that’s just not reality, is it? We all know the kind of day that leaves us utterly exhausted, but our to do-list is just as […]