#055 Let others help you in 5 simple steps by asking for testimonials, the right way

There’s nothing more convincing to buy from you, than your client’s testimonial.​Remember the last thing you bought:​Was this an idea you had just by yourself or did someone else (a friend, an influencer, a famous columnist) convince you to buy it?​Asking for recommendations to your clients can be daunting, but it will open up more […]

#054 Do you know what your clients actually want? Find out in a fun way!

The difference between a successful and a less successful business is:The ones that know what their ideal client’s inner most desires are and creating a service or a product for them are more successful than others.​By stepping into the mindset of serving your clients instead of ‘just doing what you think you should do’ will […]

#046 Ready for your 6-hour workday? Let’s talk about your productivity

You’ve probably read all the books, heard all the stories on how to be more productive: use a time tracker app, shut off all your notifications, have a sh*tlist of things you don’t want to do, have a list of client red flags… And even though there’s some truth to having this all, I believe […]

#044 – 10 reasons Why the Coaching Industry isn’t Bad

One of my clients decided she wanted to turn her profession into becoming a coach in her profession. Currently in the soft launch of her coaching business, she’s helping  a few  people run their business with profits.  But she stumbled upon so many limiting beliefs that it took her 7 years to do this. What […]

#042 How to make money as an artist

Podcast #42 – Being an artist and making money This episode is for all the writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, photographers I know and don’t know. I know that making money is not the first thing on your mind when you’re starting your practise, but you do need money to survive and be able […]

#040 – The 18 systems that help me run my business and why

You can’t run an online business without having some systems in place, but also if you’re not that into running your business online, there’s so much you can do to stop doing repetitive tasks and you know I am not a big fan of those. You can listen to my productivity tips in episode 17. […]