#048 Looking back & Goal Setting 2023

If you’ve followed the news, you know what kind of year it’s been.​We all thought covid was right behind us, whilst in some parts of the world the virus is still circulating and meanwhile there were some other crises knocking on our doors…​And whilst I believe it’s important to follow what goes on in the […]

#044 – 10 reasons Why the Coaching Industry isn’t Bad

One of my clients decided she wanted to turn her profession into becoming a coach in her profession. Currently in the soft launch of her coaching business, she’s helping  a few  people run their business with profits.  But she stumbled upon so many limiting beliefs that it took her 7 years to do this. What […]

#040 – The 18 systems that help me run my business and why

You can’t run an online business without having some systems in place, but also if you’re not that into running your business online, there’s so much you can do to stop doing repetitive tasks and you know I am not a big fan of those. You can listen to my productivity tips in episode 17. […]

#38 The 7 things we can still learn from… the Spice Girls

Melanie C – business lessons from the spice Girls Being obsessed with the Spice Girls at the age of 10 really had its perks… I gained confidence, started to see I could do whatever I want and learned I don’t need a man to make me happy. But as a 10-year old you have no […]

Here are the 36 things I wish I knew sooner..

If you’re not born into an entrepreneurial family, if you don’t have many friends who own a business and if you’re believing everything they tell you at school, then starting & running a business can be quite hard. Believe me I know ;-). So especially for those who are feeling a bit of a mismatch […]

#031 5 steps to kill it your next launch

Why would you launch your offer? You can always run your programs evergreen, but launching will help you create more urgency and you’re actually helping your clients make a decision very soon. Some people say launches are draining, yes they are when you don’t have a plan. Follow my steps blindly and pop the champagne […]

#29 Create an offer no one can refuse – your product tree

Your most important asset in your business isn’t your mindset, isn’t the money on your bank account, but is your OFFER.  There I said it, and I am always so surprised to not see any business coach mention this, but I do. Because your mindset can be great, your marketing can be great, your branding […]

#27 Melissa Lin on sales, mindset and pivoting your career

If you are thinking of pivoting (a part of) your career or business, this episode might be a true inspiration for you. Because no matter what job or business you have right now, you can always make it better for yourself (and your family). In my conversation with Melissa Lin, we’re talking about how she […]