#044 – 10 reasons Why the Coaching Industry isn’t Bad

One of my clients decided she wanted to turn her profession into becoming a coach in her profession. Currently in the soft launch of her coaching business, she’s helping  a few  people run their business with profits.  But she stumbled upon so many limiting beliefs that it took her 7 years to do this. What […]

Here are the 36 things I wish I knew sooner..

If you’re not born into an entrepreneurial family, if you don’t have many friends who own a business and if you’re believing everything they tell you at school, then starting & running a business can be quite hard. Believe me I know ;-). So especially for those who are feeling a bit of a mismatch […]

#035 Need more clients? Steal my sales method!

So you know I pivoted my business from an interim manager to a business coach back in January 2022. I had saved up a lot of money, because I knew that I needed time and money to invest in my pivot.  Also my word for this year is comfort: so I want to pivot, but […]

#29 Create an offer no one can refuse – your product tree

Your most important asset in your business isn’t your mindset, isn’t the money on your bank account, but is your OFFER.  There I said it, and I am always so surprised to not see any business coach mention this, but I do. Because your mindset can be great, your marketing can be great, your branding […]

#27 Melissa Lin on sales, mindset and pivoting your career

If you are thinking of pivoting (a part of) your career or business, this episode might be a true inspiration for you. Because no matter what job or business you have right now, you can always make it better for yourself (and your family). In my conversation with Melissa Lin, we’re talking about how she […]

#26 How to batch and repurpose your content for your summer holiday

Making content can be very time-consuming, but we can all agree you need it to attract new clients.
Are you getting up each morning, trying to find some time to scramble up a post, an email, a reel and not really sure what to post every day?
That’s no wonder, not everyday should be full of inspiration (hello day where I can do my admin) and you can really help yourself by starting to batch and repurpose your content.