#048 Looking back & Goal Setting 2023

If you’ve followed the news, you know what kind of year it’s been.​We all thought covid was right behind us, whilst in some parts of the world the virus is still circulating and meanwhile there were some other crises knocking on our doors…​And whilst I believe it’s important to follow what goes on in the […]

#031 5 steps to kill it your next launch

Why would you launch your offer? You can always run your programs evergreen, but launching will help you create more urgency and you’re actually helping your clients make a decision very soon. Some people say launches are draining, yes they are when you don’t have a plan. Follow my steps blindly and pop the champagne […]

#26 How to batch and repurpose your content for your summer holiday

Making content can be very time-consuming, but we can all agree you need it to attract new clients.
Are you getting up each morning, trying to find some time to scramble up a post, an email, a reel and not really sure what to post every day?
That’s no wonder, not everyday should be full of inspiration (hello day where I can do my admin) and you can really help yourself by starting to batch and repurpose your content.

#23 Raise your game by working on your Money Mindset

This is the first blog on money mindset, and whilst I really like this topic, I can’t believe this is the first. Today I am sharing 3 steps to work on your money mindset. When I applied to my first course on money mindset I remember so many people telling me that working on my […]

#22 How to discover and show up as your inner CEO

Let’s talk about visualising the life and business of your dreams, because I strongly believe that will make you reach your goals even faster.
There’s two ways we can do that:
1. Channeling your inner CEO & what micro-upgrades you can do to get closer to that picture.
2. And understand what is stopping you now to become that CEO?

#19. 5 steps to reach your ideal income in 2022

Sarah Big Business

“Money, money, money! Must be funny…” What do you think, shall we talk about money then? I am here to give you 5 steps that will help you reach your income goals of 2022. And that… with ease, my darling! It all starts with asking yourself the right questions.  Let me start off with a […]

#18. 5 ways to use social media for your business purposes

Social media

My dear, can I ask you something? Tell me this secret: how much time did you spend on social media today? (Don’t blush… don’t lie…) That amount will probably be significant, am I right? Overall, we all spend a lot of time on social media. So why not use these platforms to connect with (potential) […]

#17. 8 tips to spice up your productivity


“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” And I agree with Tim Ferriss on that.  Productivity is a term that probably sounds very familiar to you. These past years it has become super popular… We’re always searching for the perfect ways to be more productive and sometimes you won’t see the wood for the trees […]